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“Jakub Zahradník is a person who doesn’t stop surprising and whose music is impossible to classify.”

Lukáš Hurník, editor in chief, Czech Radio Vltava


“Poet, composer, and pianist Jakub Zahradník can correctly use the characteristics of individual instruments and incorporate them perfectly into the musical process he is presently pursuing.”

Professor Jiří Hlinka, Grand Piano and Chamber Music Academy, Bergen


“Jakub Zahradník is simply filled with music to the brim and is able to share his musical abundance generously. What you choose is up to you. “

Radmila Hrdinová, daily newspaper Právo and internet portal


“Kindness and humour.”

Josef Kroutvor, author, about CD One Music


“...stylistically accessible music where the author favours the utmost experience of sound quality of the individual instruments without giving up his favourite gags destabilizing the final impression, which could otherwise come out perhaps too seriously...”

Rafael Brom, professional journal Hudební rozhledy


“...And finally there are two outstanding ballads – Tam, kde studený je pramen (Where the Cold Spring Is), one of the most frequently played songs on Proglas in 2009 and Zázračné čekání (Wondrous Waiting).”

Milan Tesař, radio Proglas, head of musical editorial department


“Strokes of fate in artistic as well as personal life have been inscribed into Zahradník’s distinctive piano style, springing up from almost intuitive improvisation, and uncommonly shaped songs, bordering folk, jazz and classical music...”

Jan Hocek,


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