Naši partneři:


SAT 16. 6. - PRAGUE, Klubovna Dejvice, 13,00 - Jakub takes place at poetry reading called "Literární Vysočina." with his own verses (in Czech )

MON 11. 6. - PRAGUE, Dobeška Theatre, inauguration of a new piano - more pianists are about to occure, among them Jakub, David Noll, Najponk and others

10. 6. - KLADNO, Kladenské dvorky, U Jedličků 15,00 - Jakub - solo recital

SAT 9. 6. - KLADNO, Kladenské dvorky, UJedličků, 
15,00 - Toot Suite - Boris Jedlička (tp) accomp. by Jakub

MON 30. 4. - NERATOVICE, Spolecensky dum, 21,00, solo recital

TUE 24. 4. - PRAGUE, Bookshop LUXOR at Wenceslas square, 18,00, lounch of a book of the photographer Alfred Stieglitz

FRI 16. 3. - DOHNA (near Dresden in Germany), Kulturcafé M,  solo recital 

THU 1. 3. - PRAGUE, Pianoteka, 19,00, solo recital



28th Nov 2017 - Jakub became chairman of the Guild of Piano, Organ and Keyboard Instruments Builders and Restorers. This guild holds membership within Asociation of Music Artists and Scientists (AHUV) in Prague. 

at ptrf

Recording for the Brasilisn TV from Sao Paulo in Petof Store in Prague



SAT 14. 10. - DE, HÖCHSTADT AN DER AISCH, Schlossgewölbe at 19,00



Read critics on this concert here (in German):

TUE 10. 10. CZ, PRAGUE, Cafe Ad Astra, at 19,00, Podskalská 8 - Evening of the legendary Poetry group XXVI, 

SUN 24. 9. CZ, PRAGUE, Pianotéka Zahradník, Ke Krči 2, at 15,00 - Jakub shares piano experiences at his shop


FRI 21. 07. at 20,00 - CZ, NEPOMUK, Malá letní scéna, open air solo concert
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SAT 09. 09. from 11,00 to 18,00 - CZ, PRAGUE, "Braník sobě" Festival, Jakub´s piano shop extended to the garden stage - anybody can come to play or listen


NEWS 2016


On Sunday 23rd October Jakub opened a shop with pianos PIANOTÉKA ZAHRADNÍK; it is much more than a shop - it is a small cultural centre of its kind in south Prague located on the right bank of the river Moldau - see what is happening there...!      

On May Jakub started to write his own blogue, it is called ZAHRAjNIK -


On Sunday, Feb 7th Radio Proglas played Jakubˇs choral and classical music; listen to in on the following link:

Milena Jínová´s interview with Jakub:


SAT 17th December - poetry event with Kalára Hůrková, J. H . Čermáková and others 

TUE 13th December - solo performance with an actress Hana Müllerová (at St. Lawrence Church)

TUE 1th1 October at 6 P.M. in PILSEN - in the church U Ježíška - with a writer Markéta Čekanová

SAT 30th July at 5 P.M. in CHEB - grand piano concert in Franciscan Gardens

SAT 23rd July at 9 P.M. in NUREMBERG - night concert in Drei Einigskeitskirche in Gostenhof
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TUE 14th June at 7,30 P.M. in PRAGUE - St. Vavřinec church, Hellichova 18, Malá Strana
WED 15th June at 7,30 P.M. in PRAGUE - St. Vavřinec church, Hellichova 18, Malá Strana


SUN 15th May at 7 P.M. in PRAGUE - at the Dobeška Club, Jakub takes part at the "Mnohochuť" session

SUN 17th April at 7 P.M. in ŘEVNICE - municipal house of culture


       tickets & info:

SAT 8th April at 8 PM in MONTREAUX - Jakub accompying Stacey King on piano with lˇOrchestre symphoniqu de Prague

THU 7th April at 7 P.M. in NERATOVICE - municipal house of culture

THU 31st March at 7 P.M. in CHOTĚBOŘ - music school
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THU 17th March at 5 P.M. in JABLONEC n. N. - art-nouveau church Povýšení sv. Kříže - Vincek Kudr on violin as a guest
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THU 3rd March at 7 P.M. in ČELÁKOVICE - museum + actress Hana Müllerová reciting Jakub´s poetry
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WED 2nd March at 7 P.M. in PRAGUE - Charity performance with Magdaléna Strejčová at Capuchin Monastery

SAT 27th February at 8 P.M. in LYSÁ NAD LABEM - cinema + actress Hana Müllerová reciting Jakub´s poetry
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TUE 12th January 2016 from 8 P.M. in PRAGUE - club CARPE DIEM, Jičínská 4, P3, "Three generations of poets" with Jakub on piano; Bára Zavadilová, David S. Fojtík, David Horn & Jarmila Hannah Čermáková

jkb in carpe diem

adventní koncert

vánoční recitál

jakub in nuremberg

jkb advert harmonie

NEWS 2015


THU 3rd December 2015 at 7,30 P.M. in JINÝ KAFE, Táboritská 9, Prague 3 Jakub actress Hana Müllerová
jkb & hana


From 5th to 8th June Jakub participated on 49th world music tradeshow MIDEM in Cannes, France, where he presented his new music projects.

midem stánek jkb


January 16, 2015

New CD One Music was just released (catalogue no. PUMP 007).
Buy it at:

The 70 minutes of recording consists of these Jakub Zahradník’s works:

  • Missa Egrensis (2010) – Latin vocal mass for a mixed choir
  • The Time Pit (2014) – fantasy for harp and string quintet
  • „Fairytale (2012, 2014) – melodrama with lyrics by Jarmila Hannah Čermáková, 2nd version
  • Question Marks (2011) – madrigals with lyrics by Václav Žďárský and Jan Svoboda
  • Elements (2013-14) – cantata for young children accompanied by harp and percussion with lyrics by author

CD is distributed by Supraphon

one mus

Prague´s megastore Bontonland, thanks God, CDs are still selling...!
bontonland 2015

YEAR 2014


October 11, 2014
Jiný kafe, Táboritská 9, Prague 3, from 7 pm
3 + 1, it has a bite!  Poetical-cabaret fairytale show

A part of 16th state-wide festival Day of Poetry . The protagonists of the evening are actresses Radana Šatánková, Eva Horká and Hana Müllerová, and Jakub Zahradník, who will host the evening and accompany it on the piano.



July 25, 2014

The state castle Nové Hrady (South Bohemia), courtyard stage, from 7 pm

Summer version of bard “opera” from Jakub Zahradník Red Hanrahan’s Tales

This musical-theatre piece based on work of W. B. Yeates takes place somewhere in the distant past (it is played on baroque instruments) and in the present (it is played on contemporary instruments) and it is about the Celtic bard Hanrahan, who exists in every time as well as outside of it!

Performed by Ensemble Kapelluken: Helena Pellarová – soprano; Jindra Černá - flauto traverso; Katalin Ertsey - theorba, lute; Miroslav Kůzl - cornett, clarinet; Petr Budín - baroque bassoon; Vít Nermut – baroque and contemporary violin, keyboard; Jan Karez - vocal, saxophone, keyboard; Jakub Zahradník - piano, vocal; Ivana Sikorová and Daniela Lebedová – dancing; scenario and music Jakub Zahradník; choreography Lucie Holánková, dramaturgy Jakub Zahradník and Martin J. Polák.


Ensmeble Kapelluken


June 11 and 12, 2014
Convent of St. Agnes of Bohemia, Prague 1, from 7:30 pm

One Music
Concerts from the works of Jakub Zahradník

...with 90 performers 



  • Elements – choir cycle with acting performance for smaller children accompanied by harp and percussion with lyrics by author – Czech Radio Children’s Choir with choirmaster Blanka Kulínská; Kateřina Englichová – harp, Daniel Mikolášek – percussion. Natálie Grossová – mother, Filip Antonio – father; direction of the acting part – Oldřich Smysl.

  • Question Marks – choir cycle with lyrics by Václav Žďárský and Jan Svoboda, Bubureza with choirmaster Miloslava Vítková

  • Missa Egrensis – Latin vocal mass for a mixed choir, The Kühn Choir of Prague with choirmaster Marek Vorlíček

During the break a launch of new CD from the Bethlehem Chapel Concert will take place with godparents Zuza Ďurdinová – singer, sister Konsoláta, superior of St. Charles Borromeo Home – co-producer of the concerts, Lukáš Hurník – chief editor of The Czech Radio Vltava, and descendants of famous composer Antonín Dvořák – Antonín Dvořák III and Antonín Dvořák IV.

  • The Time Pit – fantasy for harp and string quintet – Kateřina Englichová – harp, Musica pro Anima (artistic leader Rita Čepurčenko)

  • “Fairytale” – melodram with lyrics by Jarmila Hannah Čermáková; Lenka Vychodilová – artistic recitation, Musica pro Anima, Jan Smolík, Jan Karez, Ivo Kopecký – wind instruments, Daniel Mikolášek – percussion

  • Red Hanrahan’s Tales – a little taster from bard “opera” based upon the works of W. B. Yeates – Leona Siswartonová and Ivana Sikorová – ballet with choreography by Lucie Holánková; Helena Pellarová – soprano, Ensemble Kapelluken (baroque instruments ensemble)

Cooperation on the realization of the concert: St. Charles Borromeo Home in Řepy and Pagat Ultimo Musical Productions, s. r. o. – production, Lukáš Hurník – presenter, Monika Straková – executive producer, Radan Dolejš – director, Martin J. Polák – dramaturge and executive producer, Věra Novotná – assistant producer, Michal Uhlíř – sound recording, Robert Hüttl – sound engineer, Filip Wiesner – lights, Viktor Svačinka, Pavel Buchtele, Martin Kocourek – stage technicians, Roman Šolc – costumes, Jan Smolík – preparation of score materials, Jitka Heřmánková, Taťána Dolejšová – stage managers, Lenka Stolařová and Dana Halušková – Muses, Zdeněk Chrapek – photos, Jaroslav Voborný and his team – video recording, Golem s. r. o. – catering, Futuria s. r. o. – podium supplier, Trixi – graphics, I. Ch. and Věra Novotná – programme texts.

Cooperation on financing: The Czech Ministry of Culture, The National Gallery, OSA, Foundations: Nadace Život umělce, Nadace T-Soft Eternity, Nadace Divoké husy, Nadace Václava a Dagmar Havlových Vize 97; Lepton studio s. r. o. and the author.

Media partners:  Czech Radio Vltava, TV Noe, Radio Proglas, magazines Harmonie and Řepská sedmnáctka.

Thank you!


March 5, 2014

Capuchin Monastery, Prague, Loretánské náměstí, from 7 pm

“50” at Capuchins

Someone once contended that Jakub was a monk in his past life. If it is true Jakub will celebrate his 50th birthday in style – he is going to perform at Capuchin Monastery. The cause for that was given by stories My Family Études (Moje rodinné etudy) by Magdalena Strejčková, recorded on CD and accompanied by Jakub Zahradník’s music. The same thing will happen at Capuchins – the author will read her stories and Jakub will accompany her on the piano. The whole event is organized by Radka Rozkovcová from Christian Radio Proglas. The proceeds from this beneficial event will go to the school for people with mental and multiple disability Modrý klíč o. p .s (Blue Key)



April 4, 2014

Concert at the Bethlehem Chapel, Prague


cd bk

The CD contains 18 compositions from Jakub Zahradník recorded during the concert in the famous medieval Bethlehem Chapel in Prague (notable for its connection with the Czech reformer Jan Hus); singing and playing Alenka Průchová, Zuza Ďurdinová, Robert Fischman, Charlie Slavík and Jkb; the CD includes Czech songs Fabián, Lávový gril, Bože můj, Tam, kde studený je pramen and Údol, two English song cycles, a few instrumentals and Jakub’s piano improvisations on a wonderful concert grand piano Petrof.

Buy it here:



February 15, 2014

Red Hanrahan’s Tales
(alias bard’s opera)


It is a paraphrase of Yeats Stories of Red Hanrahan in a form of a stage performance. Jakub Zahradník let himself to be inspired by those “Celtic variations” and he is preparing musical-theatre piece, where there will be a soprano singer, players on old instruments, actors-pantomimists-dancers, two Hanrahans – one recent one and one from the bygone era. The first pieces of the planned musical theatre work will be presented as a part of the June concerts in the convent of St. Agnes of Bohemia performed by Ensemble Kapelluken.


 en kapelluken


Ensemble Kapelluken (on the picture by Martin J. Polák): Jindra Černá (flauto traverso), Katalin Ertsey (theorba), Jakub Michl (viola da gamba) and the autor Jkb (holding serpent); other members of the ensemble are Helena Pellarová (soprano), Miroslav Kůzl (cornett), Vít Nermut (baroque violin).


 April 23, 2014

The boat (A)void anchored currently by Rašínovo nábřeží in Prague, 7:00pm
Nad střechami světlo (The Light Above the Roofs)

nad střechami světlo book

 Book launch and author reading

anthology of poetry and short prose which is just now being published by the publishing house Dauphin. Jakub Zahradník is represented there by the poem The Madonna Case.

Klára Hůrková - editor and translator rolled into one – has been living in German Aachen for quite a few years and she is not only a poetess herself, but also an artist:

presented almanac is already her second one in a row. She has chosen 22 German and 22 Czech poets and she has arranged them in thematic groups. The accompanying photographs are authored by Lenka Mrázková.

Buy here:

Summer recital in Cheb / Eger
ch 2


cheb audience

cheb audience 2

Recital in St. Lawrence church / Prague, photos by Zdeněk Chrapek

sv vav




sv vavřin

sv vavř


sv vavři


sv vavřine


After chanson diva Stacey King´s concert on 8th April in Montrreaux / Switzerland. Jakub accompanied Stacey on piano wiith Prague symphony orchestra.
From the left: Stacey, Jakub & Angie Berthias, Stacey´s vocal coach.
jkb stacey and angie

a magic atmosphere of the Art Nouveau temple in Jablonec / Bohemia

in jbl

jkb in jbl


Town hall in Chotěboř

in chotebor

jkb in chotebor


Capuchin monastery in Prague
capuchin monastery

u kapiucinu

capuchin mon atmo


Museum at Čelákovice
at čelákovice

Lysá nad Labem
at lysá

jkb pf 2016

first reading of new poems
poetry reading

CANNES - MIDEM 2015: Jakub and his right hand Kateřina


midem czech

our staff at the Czech stand


16. 1. 2015 at the foyer of Simon and Juda church in Prague
Photo by Martin J. Polák a Zdeněk Chrapek

křest přípitek

křest musica pro anima


křest růt

photo by Zdeněk Chrapek


sbor kulínské




en kap

good modd




 in The Czech Radio Studio "A", photo by Sascha Kirilov

studio a






photos by Martin J. Polák

bk 3

bk 2

bk 1