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The company with a long name PAGT ULTIMO MUSICAL PRODUCTIONS, s. r. o. (abbreviated as PUMP) was founded in March 1998 by two schoolmates from Prague Conservatory Jakub Zahradník and Jan Soukup. Back then they were producing Broadway country musical Pump Boys and Dinettes in Czech version called Benzín a mejkap with Věra Špinarová, Marcela Březinová, Tomáš Linka, Petr Kocman, Tomáš Trapl and others under the direction of Radek Balaš. The musical was played twenty three times in one year in the theatre U hasičů in Prague and it was seen by six thousand people.

For two years the company run Czech musical server and Prague musical map in magazine Heart of Europe. This promisingly evolving activity was flushed away by one-hundred-year-flood which hit Prague in 2002 and erased more than half musical productions of that time from the map.

After that the company engaged in a developing career of Jakub’s chanson duet with Pavla Kapitánová.

In the years 2004 – 7 the company P.U.M.P. stood at the birth of the Original Chanson Festival and the Presentation of Prague 5 Children’s Choirs. In 2007 Jan Soukup left the company. The following years were busy with publishing work and realization of bigger and bigger concert productions which so far culminated with concert in the Bethlehem Chapel and in the Convent of St. Agnes of Bohemia in Prague.

The company published seven CDs on its own and other four in coproduction, numerous videos and several books. All of this production relates to work of Jakub Zahradník which gave rise to a whole team of co-workers. Some of the members who were or still are part of the team: Kateřina Drewsová, Monika Straková, Martina Vernerová – executive managers; Martin J. Polák, Michal Škvor, Katarína Frömel, Zdeněk Chrapek – photographers; Michal Uhlíř – sound engineer; Karol Kružel, Petr Košař – web designers and webmasters; Ulli Kaiser, Trixi, Pavel Růt, Hana Hučíková – artists and graphic designers;  Jan Smolík – note editor; Jan Landštof – lawyer; Roman Polák, František Rychtařík, Dieter Weberpals – coproduction publishers; Filip Wiesner – lightning engineer; Robert Hüttl – stage sound engineer; Oliver Malina Morgenstern, Jaroslav Voborný – film-makers; Lukáš Houdek, Dana Loewy – translators.

The work of Jakub Zahradník gained over the years popularity with many sympathizers. The company PAGAT ULTIMO MUSICAL PRODUCTIONS, s. r. o.  sends them newsletters a few times a year, runs websites and and canvasses support for new projects.

It also provides consultancy in the area of pianos.



Our CD label has got new logo since 2015

pump orange pump b&w pump reflex pump blue white 

It is our pleasure to present you our new logo created by Pavel Růt, an artist from the leading Czech publishing house Argo.

Since 2008 we have been publishing the works of Jakub Zahradník:

PUMP 001 - 2CD Listen... – double CD with piano improvisations

PUMP 002 - Five Sea Songs – songs written upon lyrics by Katrina Porteous

PUMP 003 - Hudba jedna báseň / With Rhyme and Reason – maxisingl with songs from the year 2009

PUMP 004 - CD / book Forte or Piano? – book about historical pianos with their samples on CD

PUMP 005 - Two English Cycles – songs upon lyrics of two contemporary English poets Keith Armstorng and Katrina Porteous

PUMP 006 - Concert in the Bethlehem Chapel – live concert recording of Jakub and his band

PUMP 007 - One Music / Je jen jedna hudba – live recording of compositions for choirs and chamber ensembles


The CDs are distributed in the Czech and Slovak Republic by Supraphon and Radioservis, book are distributed by Kosmas.